Sunday, March 10, 2013

My Memory Placemats

 I am merging both of my blogs into this one:::

I have designated a wall in my home to items close friends have made for me, sent to me and I am adding pictures to it. I am having company over on Thursday night. It will be the first friends I have had over since I moved into this apartment in June of 2009. Long story, lots of psychotherapy and dealing with severe depression and ploughing thru personal issues which I hope are forever behind me.

This is my Memory Wall::


Anyway, I worked on crocheting some place mats for my kitchen table but that didn't seem right. So, I thought about it and came up with this idea::

I have some 14 inches long by 11 inches high stencil sheets. They are simple plastic sheets that you can make stencils out of. I ordered them from somewhere online, I'd have to find the invoice to remember who I ordered them from. Anyway, I bought some simple muslin fabric and I have made sleeves or pillowcase like pieces to fit the plastic sheets inside. I also bought some permanent markers in lots of colours so my guests can write on the placemats, on either side or both if they want to. I am using the plastic inside so the permanent markers won't bleed through to my table.

This one is my very first one, so it is very ,shall we say, primitive? LOL I haven't sewn in a while. As I make more, I will improve and play around with them. I sewed by hand because I want the thread to come out easily so I can display both sides on my wall. 

I love the idea and I think it will be a LOT of fun!!  Now, I gotta crochet some napkins!!!

Later, yawl!! XOXOX

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sweetheart Jewellery Kit

 I am in the process of adding video tutorials for LEFTIES and RIGHTIES. Please bear with me as this will take some time!!

 I LOVE to work with and wear Swarovski Beads. They are gorgeous and have beautiful colours!!

This jewellery that I call my Family Jewellery includes Sweetheart Jewellery.

Ok, say we have a couple whose birthdays are in January and July who met in March and they love white pearls.

This is how I would set that up for their Sweetheart Bracelet:

The 2 birth months in the center( Garnet for January and Ruby for July), flanked by the birthstone they met in( Aquamarine for March) and completed with the White Swarovski Crystal Pearls. 

Isn't that gorgeous? They make the loveliest jewellery!!

Now, for the clasp, we have lots of options, for example you can add a magnetic clasp with a safety chain, like this:

Please notice that the chain is little links of Sterling Silver hearts!

You can also use Toggle clasps, also in Sterling Silver:

There are so many different styles to chose from and materials too, it really can be confusing!!

I am adding the Sweetheart Jewellery Kits to my Etsy page.....

Stay Tuned.............

Friday, November 9, 2012

I know that Jewellery is Criminally OVERPRICED!!!

The reason I know that is because being a business owner I have a State Tax ID and that opens up the world of genuine wholesalers to me. I have seen jewellery in stores and see how much more they are priced. How else do you think that stores can do their 70% off sales and still remain in business? Could you manage your financial life equally if you took a 70% pay cut? Of course not, none of us could.

I have been making quality beaded jewellery for years now and I am very meticulous about HOW my pieces are put together. But, when I look at pieces others have made using the same materials in an effort to decide how to price my own, almost none of them offer any kind of warranty. And I do offer a very solid warranty, it is for my lifetime. If any pieces of jewellery I have put together comes apart even 10 years from now, get it to me and I will put it back together at no charge. That is how confident I am about HOW I put my pieces together. I heat the wires together using a soldering iron, I do not follow the standard and crimp the strands together. I have nothing against crimping, it just never has worked for me and I prefer my method. It has never failed me, never.

I think that what I will do is do my pieces in kits. I will post all the instructions on here, clearly detailed out with plenty of pictures and that way I can price them in a way I am comfortable with!!

STAY TUNED..............

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Family Jewellery

Hi, Yawl!!

How are yawl doing? I hope all are well!!

Here are 2 other sites I have:
My Etsy Shop:

and my other blog about overeating:

I make Family Jewellery. I use mostly Swarovski Faux Crystal Pearls for the base of the bracelet, but I can make it differently to suit you. My jewellery is all custom, meaning you tell me what you want and I put it together.

To represent the family birthstones, I use 6 MM bicone Swarovski crystal beads, I think they are beautiful!!

Here is a picture of all the Swarovski birthstones with the white pearls.

Going from the very dark Garnet colour, followed by the Amethyst coloured bead and so forth, these are the Swarovski colours for traditional birthstones.

I have several different colours for the Swarovski Faux Crystal Pearls and will be posting those colours soon.

The clasp can be a variety of choices from toggle clasps to magnetic clasps that I add a security chain to in case the magnetic clasp opens up. With the safety chain, you won't lose your bracelet.

Here are 3 styles of toggle clasps I offer. All 3 are Sterling Silver.

There are also magnetic clasps with I always pair with a safety chain to be safe.

This is my name bracelet I made for myself that I wear.

I chose Sterling Silver heart shaped letter beads, but the letter beads are also available in Sterling Silver blocks.

When you buy Sterling Silver, if the pieces have a surface that can be stamped, it will look like this:

Either the seller will provide you with documentation that you are buying Sterling Silver or it will have markings on it.
Either the word Sterling, which is the most common or it will be marked with these numbers:


That means that it is .925% pure silver and is most commonly mixed with copper.
That is the US standard that exists here for it to be marked as such.

Don't assume you are buying Sterling Silver, make sure!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Starry Starry Night

Hi, Everybody!!

Here is one of my latest creations and it goes together really quickly!!

If you want to buy the bead kit for this, please go to my Etsy shop here:

In the bead kit you'll receive the 4 loops of memory wire plus all the 6 MM Royal Blue fiber optic beads you'll need to put this cute and easy bracelet!

You will need needle nose pliers to curl the ends of the memory wire. I will be carrying the needle nose pliers plus jewellery size wire cutters at my store soon!!

Super Easy Fun Colourful Memory Wire Bracelet

Hey, Everybody!!!

I just made this bracelet and I am sharing the pattern on here.

I suggest you read through the pattern before making it. 

To buy the materials  I used, please go to my shop to buy the Bead kit:

Also, I have a second blog about overeating:

Ok, in your kit, you'll receive the 4 loops of memory wire and plenty of multi-coloured fiber optic beads and plenty of the multi-coloured glass seed beads.

The first thing you need to do is to curl the very end of your memory wire so your beads stay on it. You'll need needle nose pliers for this.

The pattern I followed is this:

2 of the 6MM fiber optic beads
10 of the colourful glass seed beads
1 of the 6MM fiber optic beads
2 of the colourful glass seed beads
1 of the 2 MM fiber optic beads
2 of the glass seed beads
1 of the 6 MM fiber optic beads

Repeat all over again until you complete the bracelet.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Making a Fun Bracelet with Memory Wire

Hey, Yawl!!

If you get the chance, please check out my shop on Etsy here:

You can buy the materials to put this bracelet together from my shop.

And I also have a blog about Surviving Overeating:

If you want to contact me, please do so AND give me a head's up on here because I get lots of junk mail in my  Spam folder and  don't want to delete you!!

The materials you need for this fun, quick and easy project are:

Memory Wire ( enough loops to make your bracelet)
Beads ( naturally enough to make your bracelet look full)
Jewellery Wire Cutters
Jewellery pliers
A Tray to hold your beads

I use a tray like this:

I think these were stove top covers but I use 2 different sizes and they work out great for me. I like the lip so my beads don't roll off.

Ok, here we go!!

Take your pliers and place one of the ends of your bracelet wire between the 2 prongs of the pliers. Twist the end into a loop so you have this:

Now, the bracelet we are going to put together today is made up of Mixed Turquoise chips:

And the Dark Blue Tiger's Eye 4 mm round beads:

Now, all you need to do is start putting the beads on the bracelet, like this:

 The pattern I am going to follow is this:

2 of the 4 mm blue tiger's Eye beads, then followed by 10 Turquoise chips, then 2 of the 4MM Blue Tiger's Eye and so forth until I have almost come to the other end of the memory wire bracelet.

 This is what my bracelet looks like so far:

See I have a couple of inches of wire left and I like my bracelet as it is.
Next, and this is REALLY IMPORTANT!!!

Make sure that there are NO SPACES between ANY of the beads!!!!

 Believe me, it is a total drag to go ahead and cut the wire and bend it into it's curvey dealie and then to find out that you have to open it up and remeasure.

Ok, you removed all the spaces, right?

This is my picture of me holding the bracelet by the wire I am going to cut down:

See how the memory wire holds it's shape? Enough strength will pull it out of shape, but normal wear and tear for Jewellery will not affect it. I have bracelets I made over a decade ago that are still in perfect shape!

Ok, now I want you to grab your wire cutters and very carefully clip off the excess. I leave about half an inch from the end of the last bead to the tip of the wire.

 Ok, we together on this??
Now cut the excess wire off. Then git your jewellery pliers and make a loop just like you did on the other end when we started to put this bracelet together.

Here is mine and if you ordered a kit from me and you followed the pattern, you should have this:

Sorry if it is kinda dark, I tried to lighten it. This shot shows the true colours best, I think!!

Congratulations!! You now have your new bracelet!!!